This call is intended for submission of manuscripts in the form of an academic essay.   

An essay should have a well-developed argument with a clear purpose. A good essay will not merely summarize previous work but will advance an original argument or provide a useful synthesis of a particular area of inquiry. Essays should employ compelling evidence to justify the author’s claims. Evidence can draw from (but is not limited to) practice, theory, personal experience, and/or empirics. Strong essays will be engaging to readers, logically structured, and have an internally cohesive and coherent argument.

Successful essays can take many forms, including:

· Literature reviews

· Normative arguments

· Explorations of theory in practice

· Articulation of promising avenues of research to pursue and/or gaps in a particular field  

The word count range for an academic essay is 2,500 words to 9,000 words inclusive.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.